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Driwall¢â€ž¢ Weep Screed

Driwall Weep Screed is used as a flashing and weep when used with weather resistant barrier or building paper and Driwall Rainscreen. It provides a clean termination for Stucco, Manufactured Stone and Thin Natural Stone at the bottom of the wall. Unique V shape allows migration of moisture down the screed and away from the wall. As required by all major building codes and the International Building Code at the bottom of all framed walls.Install Driwall Weep Screed on frame construction where stucco, manufactured stone or thin natural stone and foundation wall meet. Shall be used where specified by the architect and installed per industry standards and according to local code. Caulk all butt joints, intersections and ends.

Impact Sound Control Ceiling Isolation Moisture Drainage & Ventilation KEENE BUILDING PRODUCTS is the manufacturer, distributor & marketer of 3-dimensional products for moisture & noise control.

In six short years Keene has succeeded in producing & marketing first class products. These products work in construction projects such as multi-family apartments & condominiums to stop impact & airborne noise, & in wall, masonry, foundation & plaza applications to eliminate moisture problems.

For Impact Sound Control products please see our QUIET QURL® product line. For Ceiling Isolation please see Acoustical Assurance products such as RC Assurance & Space Assurance.

For Moisture Drainage & Ventilation please see our DRIWALL products such as Weep Vents, mortar collection devices & full wall Rainscreen applications.

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