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Light Projection System, Wide Beam, White

Convert you recessed downlight into a Light Projection System. We are pleased to introduce a totally new downlight accessory that converts any small recessed halogen light into a projection light, allowing patterns to be projected onto the floor, a table or wall (with the included mirror adapter); both in natural light as well as colored. Traditionally limited to expensive theatrical lighting systems, this downlight accessory opens up projection lighting at a fraction of the price. Lighting can now be as interesting as it is functional, whether for use at home, or commercial establishments with custom pattern logos or brands. With its integral retaining springs, the Projection System clips onto a wide variety of recessed lighting trims (from 4 to 5-1/2  round and 4  to 4-1/2  square). It also features a diaphragm that permits varying amounts of ambient room light. Included are three pattern motifs (gobos); moon & stars, sun & palms, and musical notes. Thousands of incredibly detailed patterns (and even recognizable portraits) are also available from an associate gobo manufacturer, who can even create custom gobos upon receipt of your graphics file. Also included are three primary color filters, which can be combined, allowing up to six different colored light projections. Two models are available; narrow or wide beam. To switch from one beam width to the other, retrofit kits are available, consisting of the alternate lens tube and lens. Though the light source can be any halogen bulb, the projected pattern appears best when using high intensity sources such as 35-50W MR16 or GU10 bulbs. Patent pending.

At Tripar®, we produce stamped metal parts for the lighting and other industries in our 65,000 square foot plant. Specializing in deep drawing with hundreds of draw dies available, we also have equal capabilities in drawing, forming & progressive, performed on over 100 presses, up to 200 tons. With 60 years experience and over 1500 dies offering a multitude of processes, tooling is often available at reduced cost, requiring only partial retooling in many cases. All tooling is designed in-house and manufactured in our fully-equipped tool room. Other capabilities include:• Sheet metal fabrication, tapping, spot welding, clinch joining (a method of joining metal without piercing or any fasteners), riveting and assembly.• Tubular product manufacturing (cutting, swaging, threading, bending, soldering, etc.), specializing in small diameter (3/16"-5/8") O.D. Large steel and non-ferrous metal inventory ensures quick turnaround and on-time delivery at competitive prices. Our dedicated team of well-trained professionals is constantly working on innovative new designs to meet the growing demands of an ever-changing market.Visit for more information.

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