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Climate Control Zoning System II

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Uponor North America announces the next generation in wireless controls for residential hydronic radiant floor heating systems. The new Climate Control Zoning System II features an innovative technology called Autobalancing that boasts 25% faster reaction times and up to 20% greater energy savings for radiant floor heating systems.The complete Climate Control Zoning System II offering consists of a base unit, an expansion module and digital or dial thermostats. A single base unit in the system can support up to six thermostats and eight actuators. Adding an expansion module will increase the number of thermostats and actuators the system can handle to 12 and 14, respectively.


The new Autobalancing technology in the system calculates the actual energy need of single rooms and adapts the heat output of each loop by controlling the actuator’s on and off cycle. For example, a short loop might get 20% “on” time, while a long loop receives 60% “on” time. This technology allows the system to react to temperature changes faster and offers greater energy savings in the process."The beauty of Autobalancing is it continues through the seasons and throughout the household’s changing usage patterns, completely removing the need for manual balancing of the system,” says Jeff Wiedemann, product manager, Controls at Uponor.


“U.S. List Pricing” for the Climate Control Zoning System II:Wireless Base Unit: $350Wireless Expansion Module: $110Wireless Digital Thermostat: $115Wireless Dial Thermostat: $75As for a “starting price,” a homeowner would likely purchase the Base Unit and, depending on her preference, either the Dial Thermostat or the Digital version. Therefore, the total would be (not that you can’t handle the arithmetic yourself): $350 + $75 = $425. Or, $350 + $115 = $465.

Uponor is rethinking water for future generations.?Our offering, including safe drinking water delivery, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure, enables a more sustainable living environment. We help our customers in residential and commercial construction, municipalities and utilities, as well as different industries to work faster and smarter. Uponor employs about 3,700 professionals in 26 countries in Europe and North America. In 2020, Uponor's net sales totalled approximately €1.1 billion. Uponor Corporation is based in Finland and listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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