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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25

Amerec Generators and Controls

AK Generator Series: Creating the ultimate steambath environmentAmerec's AK generators set themselves apart fromother residential generators with several unique features.''Soft Steam'' function maintains the ultimate comfortzone. Minimal temperature variations and an evenflow of steam are the two most important traits of theperfect steambath. Amerec's engineering providesboth traits with its unique ''soft steam'' function. TheAK generator features innovative ''soft steam'' elementswitching to maintain a consistent and comfortablesteambath environment. The AK uses full powerto quickly heat up the steamroom to its preset temperature;then cuts power to half its elements, resultingin a more consistent flow of soft billowing steamand more stable temperature. ''Soft Steam'' functionsonly with K30 or K60 control (not with R30K).

17683 128th Place N.E Bldg C
Woodinville WA 98072
United States
(800) 331-0349
Amerec Steam
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