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OmniDeck with WashBar
Bradley Corp., creators of the new all-in-one WashBar with clean+rinse+dry functionality, has combined this completely touchless hand washing feature with its line of OmniDecks. The WashBar, originally launched with Bradley’s Verge wash basins, adds an innovative and intuitive hand washing element to the OmniDeck’s customization possibilities.

Designed to enhance all the fundamentals of hand washing, the cutting edge WashBar is comprised of a single piece of chrome-plated stainless steel that combines soap, water and dryer in one easy to use fixture. LED lighting and easy to identify icons on the WashBar help to visually orient the user through the hand washing process. The WashBar’s streamlined design eliminates the cluttered look of three separate components, and complements the OmniDeck’s sleek aesthetic.

Exclusive WashBar features include an efficient one-gallon soap container that requires fewer refills. When the low-level LED indicator illuminates, the soap container is simply replaced with a new full container. Since there is not a reusable soap tank, no cleaning is required and germ contamination is minimized.
The WashBar’s dryer is engineered to balance air flow and noise providing a better user experience. While its heated air stream dries hands quickly and efficiently, the dryer and bowl have been designed to work together to eliminate the spraying of water that could drip onto the user, walls or floor. Air speed is adjustable by the owner to manage applications in which a quieter dryer is required.
OmniDeck with WashBar is also ADA compliant, making it easy for all to use, and is ideal for washrooms in offices, banks, museums, retail locations and restaurants.

WashBar technology also saves on maintenance costs with fewer soap refills, the elimination of paper towels, less wet floor clean up and less time emptying waste bins.

OmniDecks are known for clean and contemporary lines, a smooth finish, flexibility, simple installation and easy maintenance. Designed with individual bowls providing personal space for users, OmniDecks are complete pre-fabricated units and customizable to varying sizes and layouts for a variety of applications.
Constructed with highly durable Terreon solid surface material, OmniDecks are available with optimal basin design customizations, including a one-piece continuous solid surface deck up to 120 inches long with up to four bowls, while longer lengths can be seamed onsite. Placement of the bowls – and sizes of the front and side aprons – may be customized, as well as the option for backsplashes. OmniDecks can be specified in dozens of Terreon solid surface colors with matching sheet stock for shelving.

Since this resilient fixture is easy to specify and installation-ready, time and labor costs – as well as the need for connections and parts – are greatly minimized.

The OmniDeck’s sleek, seamless and smooth design made with Terreon solid surface is easy to clean, maintain and repair, and will last for years to come.
Terreon and TerreonRE recycled solid surface materials are completely molded nonporous materials so they will not support the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria. In addition, the integral undermount bowl design of the OmniDeck basin is seamless and eliminates unsightly gaps and crevices between the deck and bowl where mold and bacteria can grow. OmniDeck’s solid surface bowls and decks are GREENGUARD-Certified as low-emitting materials.

For more information, please visit https://www.bradleycorp.com/lavatories/omnideck/3000-series.


OmniDeck sinks are made with highly durable and sustainable Terreon and TerreonRE solid surface material. In addition to offering recycled sold surface colors with 25% pre-consumer content, Bradley also incorporates a bio-based resin in our formula. Terreon is repairable to its original finish, and certified to meet ANSI standards so the OmniDeck fixture can last the life of the building and not contribute to landfill waste. The lavatory decks are molded in one piece so there is no waste from fabrication or use of adhesives or sealants. Terreon solid surface material is also GREENGUARD certified as a low emitting material.

In addition to Terreon's sustainable features, the WashBar on top of the lavatory is made of a single piece of durable chrome plated stainless steel that houses all hand washing elements. Its built-in smart technology features an water, energy and paper saving features. The WashBar features a 0.5 GPM or ultra-high efficient 0.35 faucet option. Its adjustable speed hand dryer dries hands in 12-15 seconds. The dryer is 96% less expensive to use than paper towels and eliminates paper towel waste.




In addition to OmniDeck with WashBar, Verge with WashBar, introduced in Nov. 2016, is also available.
Bradley Corporation
For over 95 years, Bradley has created the most complete and advanced commercial washrooms and comprehensive solutions that make industrial environments safe. Bradley is the industry's leading source for multi-function hand washing and drying fixtures, accessories, partitions, solid plastic lockers, as well as emergency safety fixtures and electric tankless heaters for industrial applications. Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wis., USA, Bradley serves commercial, institutional and industrial building markets worldwide.

Bradley's rich history of innovation began with the invention of the washfountain, a revolutionary group handwashing fixture designed to save water and time. Since then, Bradley has developed a number of ground breaking products and technologies to help architects, specifiers, engineers and end-users meet their building goals.

Through the years, Bradley has changed the way people wash their hands in public. Understanding that consumers have an aversion to public restrooms, Bradley has developed pioneering handwashing solutions to make restrooms cleaner and more attractive for users, as well as easier for facility managers to install and maintain.

Bradley's core products include solid surface hand washing systems, touchless faucets and group and individual showers. Bradley rounds out its product line with touchless hand dryers, soap dispensers, and towel dispensers, plus solid plastic lockers and toilet partitions. In addition, Bradley's complete line of thermostatic mixing valves, emergency drench showers and eyewashes, and tankless water heaters help keep people safer in industrial settings, labs and food processing plants worldwide.

One of Bradley's newest restroom products is the all-in-one WashBar. The award-winning WashBar integrates touch-free soap, water and dryer all within the user's immediate reach. This unique clean+rinse+dry functionality exemplifies all the features that make Bradley a true innovator of high-design sustainable washroom products. The streamlined all-in-one design keeps water off the floor and walls, creating a cleaner and safer restroom environment, while wasted paper towels are eliminated.

For more information about Bradley's product lines, contact Bradley, Telephone: (800) Bradley; Fax: (262) 251-5817; www.bradleycorp.com.
Address: W142 N9101 Fountain Blvd.
City: Menomonee Falls
State: WI
Zip: 53051
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 272-3539
Fax: (262) 251-5817
Website: http://www.bradleycorp.com
more info »
Bradley Corporation
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