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Merlot Marketing
Merlot Marketing
4430 Duckhorn Dr.
Sacramento CA 95834 
United States
(916) 285-9835

Merlot Marketing

Merlot Marketing is a national PR.0™ marketing agency that drives global brands to win in the North American market.

Passion. Creativity. Results. Just like a fine wine, the Merlot Marketing team balances these three elements in a perfect blend of ingenuity that elevates our clients’ brands. Isn’t it time you saw red? #REDiscover your brand’s passion with a creative firm that drives results.

RED is to color what Merlot is to marketing.

We are fearless in our pursuit of client success. We are passionate about seeking out new ideas and solutions that are unmatched in our industry. If we can’t “go by the book,” then we’ll write a new one! We are about REDesigning brands and REDefining strategies.

RED is strong. RED is urgent. RED is unequalled passion and creativity.

RED, REDefined, is Merlot Marketing.

No Nominations for 2025 ADEX Awards

Merlot Marketing: Recent Client Features

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