Big Ass Solutions
Address: 2348 Innovation Drive
City: Lexington
State: KY
Zip: 40511
Country: United States
Phone: (859) 233-1271
Fax: (859) 233-0139
Big Ass Solutions's Products
Big Ass Light Shop LED
2015 Platinum Award
Ultra-bright, long-lasting and rugged, Big Ass Light's professional-grade Shop LED fixture is overengineered to be the most awesome light ...
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Polished Aluminum Haiku 84
2015 Platinum Award
For this limited polished aluminum edition, Big Ass Fans gave the Haiku 84 a stunning mirrored veneer perfect for reflecting your attention ...
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2014-15 Nominee
The Essence ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans is both an essential money-saving machine and a work of art. In air-conditioned spaces such ...
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Haiku with SenseME
2015 Platinum Award
Big Ass Fans introduces Haiku with SenseME, the world’s first smart ceiling fan. Designed with an on-board computer and array of sensors, ...
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