Banker Wire
Established by Charles Banker in 1896 as C.I. Banker Wire & Iron Works, the company flourished in Milwaukee as one of many early metal fabricators making use of a new engineering marvel - inexpensive steel. Banker Wire specialized in fabricating wrought iron and wire products such as fire escapes, tool room partitions and bank teller cages. Changing times and changing owners gradually took its toll, and by the mid 1960's, the company had withered to a local buyer and seller of industrial wire cloth.<br /><br />N  ...  
Address: 600 Perkins Drive
City: Mukwonago
State: WI
Zip: 53149
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 523-6772
Fax: (262) 363-9792
Banker Wire's Products
Circle Mesh
2013 Gold Award
Circle Mesh is the first-ever woven metal fabric with circular patterns. It applies the durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal of arch ...
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Banker Wire Mesh SZ-3
This is another example of our exclusive embossed technology. Unlike the S-4, where satin embossing is used, this material has highly polish ...
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Banker Wire Mesh SZ-2
Alternating satin with shine, this unique Banker Wire weave has a compressed appearance that works equally well as the focus of your design ...
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Banker Wire Mesh SJD-6
SJD-6 contains 3 different wire diameters and 3 different crimp styles all in one weave. Together, the fundamental crimp styles flow togethe ...
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Banker Wire Mesh SJD-5
Four different crimps make up this interesting mix of shine, satin, smooth, and rough. The wild differences between crimps blend perfectly c ...
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Banker Wire Mesh SJD-3
Large scale, square plaid using a combination of two wire patterns to create a secondary pattern. The SJD-3 achieves a very high percent ope ...
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Banker Wire Mesh S-18
Inspired by the many who have asked for "basket weave." Banker delivers a beautiful mid-scale pattern that fits the bill. ...
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Banker Wire Mesh S-14
Slightly larger scale version of Banker Wire S-13 wire mesh pattern. This flat wire mesh pattern could be used for any application interior ...
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Banker Wire Mesh S-13
Weaving a flat wire on close centers results in a Mid-Fill fabric with very low percent opening. Nearly a solid sheet of flat wire, the S-13 ...
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Banker Wire's Projects:
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