Sunbrella, the flagship brand for Glen Raven, Inc, is a fabric recognized internationally for outstanding performance and durability. Long acknowledged as the leader for awnings, marine applications and casual furniture, Sunbrella brand fabrics are also growing in popularity for interior residential furniture and draperies, leading a trend in which consumers are demanding performance along with style and color.

Through the use of jacquard weaving, unique yarn combinations and advanced fabric finishes, new  ...  
Address: 1831 N Park Ave
City: Glen Raven
State: NC
Zip: 27217
Country: United States
Phone: (336) 227-6211
Fax: (336) 586-1169
Sunbrella's Products
Sunbrella‚ Lanai Lagoon Coll
2008-9 Nominee
The Sunbrella Lanai Lagoon Collection features (left to right) Reel Slate, Francois Lagoon, Lanai Lagoon and Cannes Parchment along with Sun ...
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Sunbrella‚ Ginza Awning Fabr
2009 Gold Award
The 2009-10 Sunbrella ® Awning Collection features 28 new solids, textures and stripes. The Ginza Awning Fabric Collection shown he ...
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Sunbrella‚ Silica Awning Col
2009 Silver Award
The Sunbrella ® Silica Awning Collection features (top to bottom) Silica Barley, Dune, Sesame, Silver and Stone. Silica has a look ...
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Sunbrella‚ Clipped Sheer Col
2007 Silver Award
The Sunbrella ® Clipped Sheer patterns shown here are (left to right) Leluc, Bonaire and Martinair. Each pattern features delicate ...
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Sunbrella‚ Sheer - Hallesber
2007 Gold Award
Sunbrella ® Sheer - Hallesberg is a beautiful, true leno sheer available 118 inches wide. The use of true leno technology produces ...
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Sunbrella‚ Silhouette Collec
2006-7 Nominee
The Sunbrella Silhouette Collection features (top to bottom) Murchison Palm, Silhouette Meadow, Simone Landscape and Canyon Walnut. Silhoue ...
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Sunbrella‚ Shalimar Collecti
2006-7 Nominee
The Sunbrella Shalimar Collection features (top to bottom) Shalimar Flame, Sasian Parchment and Sasian Maple Leaf from the Richard Frinier c ...
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Sunbrella‚ MacKenzie Collect
2007 Platinum Award
The Sunbrella Mackenzie Collection features (top to bottom) Mackenzie Beach, McDowall Beach, Sasian Sesame and Sasian Parchment from the Ric ...
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Sunbrella‚ Heiress Collectio
2006-7 Nominee
The Sunbrella Heiress Collection features (top to bottom) Heiress Carbon reversible fabric back and face, Simone Rocco, Camelot Pewter. All ...
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Sunbrella's Projects:
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