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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25
Fine Art Lamps
Fine Art Lamps
5772 Miami Lakes Drive East
Miami Lakes FL 33014 
United States
(305) 821-3850

Fine Art Lamps

History Founded in 1941 by Jack Blumberg, thcompany has established a long tradition of fine craftsmanship and artistry.As one of the largest designer lighting manufacturers in North America, Fine Art Lamps is headquartered in Miami, Florida with approximately 400,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space.With all its products handcrafted exclusively in America, Fine Art Lamps remains true to design integrity, quality control, reliable delivery and unparalleled service. Design Integrity Fine Art Lamps has succeeded in attracting a team of designers, sculptors, mold-makers and decorative artists, many of whose talents have roots in the ancient crafts of Europe. The company has been a design leader from its inception, with the expressed philosophy of doing new and original work to appeal to the growing market for fine products in good taste. Fabulous finishes are the company's forte, and many finishes take countless steps to achieve the desired effect. These finishes, on beautifully crafted forms of metal, glass and resin are the hallmark of the Fine Art Lamps design. Quality Control Quality is Fine Art Lamps' number one priority. From metalworking to glass blowing and resin casting, Fine Art Lamps produces all of the principle design components, which are incorporated into each of its products. The factory floor boasts some of the most talented artisans in the world whose handiwork is orchestrated by sophisticated technology, which produces the highest quality of products. The Designer Mark McDowell, Chief Creative Officer, has led Fine Art Lamps' design studio since 1991. He has played an integral part in Fine Art Lamps' continuing success and development of highly accepted decorative collections. He believes the variety and diversity of combinations possible not only in form, but also in materials, keeps his design work fresh and vibrant. “Constant renewal— this is the life blood to creative work” says McDowell.Born from a union of two cultures, the son of a Japanese mother and Scottish-American father, McDowell grew up in a home that was a crossroads of differing cultures and traditions. His unique point of view and style infuse his designs with exotic cross-cultural influences. When asked about the nature of his design work, McDowell comments “I have spent my life observing the beauty of form, light and color in nature and in man-made objects. It is an inherent need I was born with to find beauty in all things. I capture this beauty in drawings, paintings, sculpture and finally, in product design. It is a life long pursuit of learning and discovery.”McDowell was educated at McDowell was educated at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Columbus School of Art and Design. He is a previous recipient of the prestigious Pinnacle Award and was awarded Designer of the Year by ARTS in 2001. He has been instrumental in the company's many design awards, including the honor of Lamp Manufacturer of the Year for the United States for an unprecedented eight of the last eleven years.
No Nominations for 2025 ADEX Awards
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