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Danfoss offers a one stop solution to floor heating, snow melting, pipe tracing, and roof and gutter deicing needs. Floor HeatingThe Danfoss Electric Floor Heating Mat System is an affordable luxury that brings warmth to life. It's a proven technology that's safe, reliable and energy efficient. The unique adhesive system saves up to 70% on installation time! The floor heating cable is also available in loose cables, combining the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency. The floor heating system is available in five different models for different temperature settings and heating applications. Snow MeltingInstalling a Danfoss Snow Melting System provides a permanent solution to the problems caused by cold weather. Improve safety by providing instantaneous relief from snow and ice and increase your bottom line by the cost associated with applying chemicals, owning snow clearing machinery or hiring outside services. Danfoss GX snow melting is available is mats or loose cables. Roof and Gutter DeicingDanfoss RX cables provide the protection needed to prevent ice dams and build up from damaging residential buildings, roofs, and gutters. Danfoss deicing cables constant watt heating cables ensure maximum energy efficiency and are designed for use with metal or asphalt roofing. Durable and high-quality materials provide excellent moisture, corrosion and impact protection. Simply plug the cable directly into the power receptacle.Pipe Freeze ProtectionThe Danfoss PX self regulating parallel circuit heating cables provide the solution the basic freeze protection applications. The self regulating Danfoss PX cables ensure maximum energy efficiency by producing heat only when and where it is needed as it adjusts the power output to the varying conditions along the length of the pipe. TX-SH Thermal Storage HeatingDanfoss Thermal Storage Heating mats and cables are energized to warm a thermal mass below the floor surface. Danfoss TX storage heating mats and cables are the ideal way to take advantage of local on and off peak energy pricing. When the power system is in off-peak times, energy rates are lower. When on-peak times resume, the Danfoss TX system shuts off and the heat stored in the floor gently emanates across the floor surface for hours. TX-FH Floor HeatingDanfoss TX-FH cables are a thick floor heating solution. Thick cables have a larger diameter than the Danfoss LX floor heating cables, allowing them to be lower in cost, higher in heat output, and more durable. They are installed in mud beds below the flooring materials and are most often used in new construction where overall material cost is primary concern., & is part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards™. All content, graphics are copyright © with publisher. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of publisher is strictly prohibited.
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