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FlatWireSignificant market demand exists for a safe, low-cost, non-invasive and aesthetically pleasing wiring and rewiring technology within the 100-year-old wiring industry. Many applications for devices and products that require new wiring are left undone because of the limitations of conventional wiring and their difficult and expensive installation requirements. Specifically, invading walls and ceilings to route wire and install receptacles, along with the subsequent repair work, are significant barriers to the installation of conventional wire and devices. Furthermore, other applications may require the electronics device consumer to string unsightly wires along floors, walls and ceilings. These wires include difficult to hide coax cable, speaker wires, power strips and extension cords. Devices that are limited by such wiring barriers include: flat panel televisions, surround sound and speaker systems, cable and satellite television systems, voice and data products, control products, lighting, ceiling fans, window air conditioners and virtually any device that requires a wiring interface. Conventional wiring and interconnect products are a very mature industry. Some of the technologies are virtually the same as a hundred years ago. Wiring has been one of the last segments of home improvement that has eluded the do-it-yourselfer. FlatWire introduces the most innovative, high-performance, ultra-thin, surface-mounted wiring and associated interconnection and installation components in the low voltage lighting, audio, video, data, signal and electrical wire markets that render obsolete many traditional round wire products and their requirements for expensive, invasive, in-wall wiring installation techniques. FlatWire has targeted both the "do-it-yourselfer" and the professional installer segments of the home improvement and commercial wiring and rewiring markets. In doing so, FlatWire has created a new environment in which homeowners and builders alike can experience wiring without limits for the first time ever.
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