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True Sustainability is Hard to Find
Written by: Kevin Yardley
Article We have been planting trees for more than twenty years. Our projects are FSC/Smartwood/Rainforest Alliance certified and we have chain-of-custody (CoC). Primarily,we reforest native species of trees in damnger of extinction. Many people can tell you that a sea turtle or tiger is on the verge of extinction. Almost no one can name a species of tree such as mahogany or cocobolo rosewood or spanish cedar that are rarely encountered in natural habitat. Many companies claim to be green. This has been very trendy in recent years. But it is extremely rare and difficult to find companies that were founded on sustainability. Recent publications by industry backed groups say that developing countries in the tropics can encourage poor people to plant trees. These same companies are promoting woods that have never been established in plantations. It is nearly impossible for the people most affected by deforestation to do anything. They do not have the resources needed to plant trees that require many years prior to harvest. Global warming is a fact. Temperatures are increasing around the world while storms become more intense. Please try and seek sustainable products that are truly produced with a low environmental impact. We like to tell our clients that we plant trees with their money. We have several projects where a final cut of the trees has been undertaken and we have then reforested the old cattle farm for a second time. Please look for those companies that were green before it was trendy. With a little investigation your purchase can make the world better.
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Infinity Teak Blocks come in a
2015 Platinum Award
The Infinity uses teak shorts and cutoffs with stainless steel rods that were recycled from other manufacturing processes. The Infinity ca ...
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Spirit Song
Go with the flow. The Spirit Song curved-wing shoulder bench's solid-reforested-teak legs undulate like wind chimes in the breeze. Fastened ...
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