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Balconista Furniture
Balconista Furniture
89 Fedora Drive
Panama City FL 32409 
United States
(850) 730-4389

Balconista Furniture

It's our mission to enhance the enjoyment of the great outdoors through simple and modern additions to your balcony with furniture that has been designed to maximize space and experience. Our modern, innovative and patented designs enhance even the smallest of balcony space. Typically patio furniture is used on balconies, leaving the user sitting low, looking through the railing with a disappointing experience. Balconista Furniture has created furniture that increases the efficiency, usefulness and enjoyment of every balcony. The RailRunner line features drink rails that can be attached to standard commercial vertical railing, adjusted to any height to create a usable surface for coffee, a phone or evening cocktails. Our tables, the Mesa and RailRunner LargoPlus, designed for experiential dining for two or more at counter height seating, allowing the user to look above the railing and enjoy the view. Our products are perfect for hotels, condominiums, time shares, apartments, as well as street-side dining, restaurants and bars.

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