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Technoform North America
Technoform North America
1755 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 300
Twinsburg OH 44087 
United States
(330) 487-6600

Technoform North America

Technoform provides high-performance solutions that improve the thermal performance of façade, fenestration and cladding systems. Its best-in-class building envelope products are developed through collaboration with its customer partnerships to boost thermal performance of insulating glass, windows, doors, curtainwall, storefront and opaque façades. The relative low cost and high performance of Technoform’s components help building designs to balance energy efficiency with occupant health and comfort without compromising aesthetics.


High performance insulating components, Warm edge insulating spacers, Structural thermal insulating strips, and High-precision custom thermoplastic profiles

No Nominations for 2025 ADEX Awards

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