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Living SLVK
Living SLVK
Ejercito Nacional 154
Col. Anzures 11950 

Living SLVK

At Living SLVK we specialize in the development of real estate projects in all their stages: Conceptualization, Financial planning, legal, architecture, construction and commercialization. We like to imagine and manufacture the ideas that tomorrow will be the homes, offices and businesses of Mexico.We are 100% committed to the quality of our products and we believe in good long-term relationships with our customers and partners.Come on We believe in sustainable real estate development. Our developments are becoming more environmentally friendly every day and we hope to achieve a zero carbon footprint.Our work is focused on a constant search for new solutions to solve and / or improve the different spatial situations that are presented to us at various scales (from urban level to domestic detail). We do not believe in 100% intuitive solutions, so each project is based on constant theoretical and practical research, reviewing all the factors that may influence each case, and in this way solidly support our designs through specific responses to the needs of the user we seek an architecture that justifies its presence within a social, economic and cultural environment; an increasingly dynamic environment.
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