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Founded in 1986, Crossville, Inc. is the largest domestic manufacturer of large-size Porcelain Stone® tile. The company offers award-winning Porcelain Stone®, glass and metal tile for both commercial and residential environments. Crossville® promises to “Elevate Your Space” by continual product, style and service innovation. For more information, contact Crossville, Inc. at 800-221-9093 or visit

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Laminam by Crossville: Large Format Porcelain Panels Skin Surfaces in Near-Seamless Style
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Article Porcelain tile has long been a premium choice for covering surfaces in highly functional, long lasting style. Tile is timelessly appealing and versatile for commercial and residential design, and as trends in sizes, colors and decorative options evolve, it becomes viable for even more applications. The introduction of large format, lean panel collections is a great example. Porcelain panels' outer dimensions are measured in feet...not inches, while their thickness is measured in millimeters. With generous proportions yet surprisingly lean profiles and light weight, these products work for installations in locations previously not fitting for tile, such as in ships, on door panels and even on custom furniture facing.
The popular Laminam by Crossville brand offers panels nearly 3’ wide and 10’ tall but only 3mm thick. The brand's "3+" panels have fiberglass mesh backing and offer the durable performance designers expect from porcelain tile of any size, as well as the attractive style tile is known for. The panels install with less grout line, for more seamless, uninterrupted looks. Also, they’re simple to cut into patterns and designs, allowing for custom installations, branded walls and artistic applications that look great and perform beautifully with minimal grout line.
Renowned U.S. tile manufacturer Crossville launched the Laminam by Crossville brand through an exclusive distributorship with Laminam of Italy in 2012 and immediately began a concerted campaign to educate tile installers and product specifiers in the A&D community about this new category of tile. From installation workshops to product introduction events, Crossville has connected with those who make decisions about surfacing products to ensure this new, exciting evolution in tile finds its way into projects nationwide.
If you're ready to discover large format porcelain panels, and start dreaming big for your next project, visit for details and design inspiration.
Crossville Inc's Products
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Handwritten, a Crossville tile
2018 Platinum Award
Crossville, Inc. has introduced Handwritten, a wall tile collection inspired by artisanal craftsmanship. With its range of creative shapes, ...
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Seta, a Laminam by Crossville
2018 Gold Award
Silk—such a luxurious and time-honored fabric—is the inspiration for Crossville's Seta, a line of gauged porcelain tile panels. The sur ...
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Cava, a Laminam by Crossville
2017-18 Nominee
With looks as good as natural stone delivered straight from the quarry, Cava brings you all of the style with unsurpassable performance. Uti ...
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Calce, a Laminam by Crossville
2018 Silver Award
Neutral colors and delicate nuances mark the face of Calce, a line inspired by wet plaster and concrete. The combination results in a soft, ...
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Notorious porcelain tile colle
2018 Gold Award
Notorious porcelain tile collection offers big city style in the distinct look of concrete, with the technical performance Crossville produc ...
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Nest porcelain tile collection
2018 Silver Award
The look of wood, refined in tile—Nest by Crossville is a beautiful alternative to wood for floors and walls, and it supports cleaner, hea ...
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