HYS Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Co., Ltd.
Address: RM30B Dragon Building, No.144 Wenlin South Road, FengZe district
City: Quanzhou
State: Fujian
Zip: 362300
Country: China
Phone: 86-595-22611378
Fax: 86-595-22517069
Website: http://www.hystwowayradio.com
HYS Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Co., Ltd.'s Products
VHF & UHF Omni Two Way Radio A
VHF & UHF Antenna Manufacturer Truest provides VHF & UHF Omni Two Way Radio Antenna, Radome Material Plastic Cement, Direct Ground Radiation ...
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Police Speaker Microphone KMC-
Police Speaker Microphone Manufacturer Truest provides Police Speaker Microphone, Waterproof IP 54, high impact housing, clear sound perform ...
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Portable Solar Charging Panel
Solar Charging Panels Manufacturer Truest provides Portable Solar Charging Panels, with inbuilt intelligent IC, for mobile phone and two way ...
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Single Wired Walkie Talkie Int
Walkie Talkie Interphone Manufacturer Truest provides Single Wired Interphone, with PTT microphone speaker, simple operation, coiled with PU ...
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HF Portable Radio Amplifier TC
HF Amplifier Manufacturer Truest provides HF Portable Radio Amplifier, TC-300, electronic switch, energy saving and inversion polarity prot ...
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Mini Long Range Digital DPMR W
Digital DPMR Walkie Talkie Manufacturer Truest provides Mini Long Range Digital DPMR Walkie Talkie, multi call modes, Compatible bands, Whis ...
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Portable GPS DPMR Two Way Radi
GPS DPMR Two Way Radio Manufacturer Truest provides Portable GPS DPMR Two Way Radio, large screen, multi channels, bilingual menu display, S ...
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Coloful Mini Kids Walkie Talki
Kids Walkie Talkie Manufacturer Truest provides multi colors Mini Kids Walkie Talkie, USB charging, Voice Encryption, Noise Reduction, QT/DQ ...
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UHF Scrambler Two Way Radio TC
UHF Scrambler Walkie Talkie Manufacturer Truest produces UHF Scrambler Walkie Talkie, with earpiece, dust proof, anti-shock, busy channel lo ...
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