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Patterns to Elevate your Home Interior Design
Written by: Modern Homes
Article Pattern is the new fashion that has exploded onto the interior design scene. Over the past few years sleek silhouettes with solid fabrics and monochromatic shades were the most favored modern interior design trends. But now, patterns have made a comeback and are in vogue.(

Patterns and prints add personality, colour, style and texture to any room design. They make a space look visually chic, interesting, sophisticated, stylish, and offer a finishing touch to any interior space.

So, if you need to pop out visual interest to your house interiors, try giving a dose of pattern as a beautiful refresher. (

Why Choose Pattern for Modern Interiors?

A dash of pattern in your interiors determines activity level. Imagine a room decorated entirely in solids! Although it should seem sleek and serene, there is a larger possibility for the space to appear too plain and boring. Adding a pattern can add a magical touch and bring activity into the space.

The size of pattern determines activity level. Larger patterns are associated with a calm visual interest. They are best suited for sprawling wallpaper or the decorative element to a statement piece of furniture. Smaller patterns on the other hand portray too busy or nervous spaces and are best reserved for use in small doses like throw pillows and décor items.

Prints Add Visual Weight to Interiors

Visual weight means things or areas of a room that instantly draw our eyes when we look at them. Moreover, the room must be visually balanced with every furniture and the accessories spread evenly across the room.
Prints are naturally eye-grabbing. If you need to add a little extra weight to some corner of your home or any element places the prints and patterns behind it. They are a great go-to item to add visual weight. For instance, a large patterned wall hanging; a printed sofa could add a big punch.

Try Mixing and Matching

Conventional wisdom states that you should never, ever mix patterns and it was often recommended to go for a single pattern throughout the space. However, times have definitely changed! Today professionally designed homes are crafted with mix patterns to add a level of complexity to the space with harmony rather than clash. It’s all about colours. Choosing distinct patterns that fall within the shade palette will bring them cohesively while still providing proper details to your space.

Make A Statement With Contrast

Although similar tints in your patterns help to harmonize, the best looks are often achieved through contrasts. So, it’s always recommended to add a splash of one contrasting patterned element. Keep in mind that while the shades may not be the exact same as the main shade of your palette, see to it that it coordinates well. Remember, the biggest impact is achieved when two shades sit directly opposite each other on the color front.
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