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Stairs of Glowry
Written by: Carlos Mongalo
Article When combining imagination, creativity, and brilliant colors together, it will create a setting that is exciting and new to the eyes. Mongalo Designs has used their imagination to create a new application for Glowry. Now people can walk down the stairs of Glowry while their emotions are sparked with excitement. Before they can say, "Wow!," their facial expression will say it first. This design is created to transform the environment's aroma into a joyful and comfortable one. As each color plays a role that will set peaceful mood, people will feel more comfortable interacting with one another. Therefore, we dare you to take a walk down the stairs of Glowry!
Mongalo Designs's Products
Glowry Billard Tables
2017-18 Nominee
It is constructed of the finest natural Ash available, our Glowry luxury billiards table design is created by the best industrial designers ...
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Glowry Board
2017 Platinum Award
Glowry Board is a futuristic board that does not use ink to write onto a board, but amazingly uses light illuminated a persons imagination o ...
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Glowry Wall Designs
2014-15 Nominee
Mongalo Design creates artistic wall designs. ...
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Table Tops and Counter Tops
2015 Gold Award
Mongalo Designs now creates table tops of any size and designs. ...
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Stairs of Glowry
2014-15 Nominee
Mongalo Designs has added a new product to their Glowry line, which is stairs of Glowry. ...
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Glowry Tiger Stripe
2015 Gold Award
Glowry is a product that stands out in the dark and during the day. It has bright colors that catches the attention of people and changes th ...
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Glowry Flush
2015 Silver Award
In a few words this is glow in the dark wood. Under a black light is shows a glowing effect that is amusing to the eyes, and while the light ...
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