Ely's Glass Art
Not just another lighting company ,but a place where you can find art in form of a light , a place you can be part of creating a new art piece ,a light you can call your own design. All of our pieces are hand-blown from recycle glass, therefore unique and one of a kind and not two are exactly alike.

For more information please call us at 832-276-5083, or email elysglass@yahoo.com
Address: 11803 Beeville Dr
City: Houston
State: TX
Zip: 77064
Phone: (832) 276-5083
Website: http://www.elysglassart.com
Ely's Glass Art's Products
2015 Gold Award
11 lights also available with 15 lights ...
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2015 Platinum Award
this wall art is 36" X36" ...
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under the sea
2015 Silver Award
this piece is 8feet wide and 6feet tall ...
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wall art
2014-15 Nominee
this pieces of art is 15feet wide and 7feet high ...
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Dance of color
a conversation piece that adds color and excitement to any room ...
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elegant chained glass
2012-13 Nominee
design it the way you like it 1 or 2 ...6 pendent chose of color size and # of pendents ...
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custom lighting
2012-13 Nominee
Create your own light by combining and stacking different color and sizes of these hand blown glass ...
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2013 Gold Award
Elegant Glamorous hand blown glass pendent AVAILABLE IN CUSTOM COLOR 5"W X 20"H ...
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Art glass Edison pendent
2013 Silver Award
Mixing classic and contemporary is Edison light with touch of contemporary hand blown glass. ...
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Ely's Glass Art's Projects:
Call For Entries - 2018-19 ADEX Awards