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Screen Gems Furniture Accessoires
Screen Gems Furniture Accessoires
21160 S Figueroa Street
Carson 90745 
(310) 545-9091

Screen Gems Furniture Accessoires

Screen Gems Furniture Accessories has brought innovative, decorative room dividers and floor screens to consumers since 1998 and has become the leading national supplier of unique and decorative room dividers, floor screens, wall decor, fountains, planters, trunks, etc. accent pieces. With it large and varied inventory that enable Screen Gems to meet customers’ distinctive tastes while providing timely shipping options and responsive customer service!Perfection starts with tradition. No other country carries tradition as well as china. With timeless techniques passed down from generation to generation, we pursue distinctiveness in our design & product decisions and in our selection of materials to offer truly unique personal pieces. Each individual piece are eco-designed, crafted and hand-finished in China. Our Chief Designer, John McLaughlin, was influenced by the western culture but was fascinated and inspired with Asian culture. With the help of cross-cultural, it makes his works unique and distinct from others. He also selects all the materials from the four corners of earth to use at each individual piece.
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