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Interiors By Design
12501 Prosperity Dr Suite 460
Silver Spring MD 20904 
United States
(301) 933-7723

Interiors By Design

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas began her career in the design field in 1991 and holds an A.A. in Interior Design from Bauder College in Miami, Florida. Although Dennese resides in the Washington Metropolitan area, her projects have taken her from coast to coast to include the Caribbean. Her motto is consistent and simple: “Maintain authenticity in style and texture, atmosphere is everything…”She brings over twenty years of experience and versatility that comes from dealing with a diversity of projects in both commercial and residential settings. Dennese brings her sense of elegance and impeccable eye for detail to each project. She possesses both the technical and interpersonal skills needed to manage and oversee the entire scope of the design/construction process. These crucial skills make Dennese a true asset to both project and client. Due to her hands-on approach, she is always refining each design until all the details are met with the proper balance in the creative aspect of each project. She describes her relationships with each client as paramount, and her goal is to assist in creating a home that fits the client’s persona, lifestyle and values.The philosophy behind Interiors by Design is the creation of a woman- and black-owned design company that blends the individuals needs and desires with experience and talent to create a stunning home environment. Dennese offers a robust reference list with an impressive portfolio of homes in the Metropolitan area throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean.Dennese strongly feels that two crucial factors in the client-designer relationship are mutual respect and trust. The client needs to trust the designer, which makes him/her open to professional suggestions. In turn, the designer needs to show the respect due to a client by listening and giving full credence to their desire and goals, both of which are primary. The trust factor is always key. Her clients trust that they will be guided in the right direction, one that adheres to sound design principals while adding that touch of magic., & is part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards™. All content, graphics are copyright © with publisher. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of publisher is strictly prohibited.
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