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Reintroducing KOBE ECO Mode™ Technology

KOBE Range Hoods

Range hood can help to remove and capture cooking grease and steam for your cooking surface, but have you ever thought of the grease, moisture and odors still exist once you turn off the range hood after cooking?  Those microscopic particles and odors that remain in your kitchen can affect and harm your health by getting into your lungs and bloodstream.

Of course, you can leave the range hood on after cooking, but how long do you need to leave it on?  Couple of minutes? Hours? Or even a day?  You may get annoyed by the noise of the range hood, and you may even forget to turn it off!

KOBE Range Hoods understand your needs, and your health is important to us; therefore, we are proudly to introduce ECO Mode™ technology to you.  ECO Mode™ is our unique and exclusive feature that is designed to clear the air of oil, smoke, and odors periodically to promote a cleaner kitchen air quality without the need to run the hood continuously.


How does it work?

Once ECO Mode™ is activated on the range hood, it will turn on automatically and run at QuietMode™ setting for 10 minutes in every hour to remove excess moisture, microscopic particles, and odor.  QuietMode™ is our remarkable feature that allows you to operate the range hood without the irritation of fan noise.


With our innovative ECO Mode™ feature, you can enhance your quality of life by getting a better and cleaner air quality in your kitchen, and your can enjoy family time without the disturbance of noise from those traditional range hoods or constantly to keep track whether the hood is turned off.

KOBE Range Hoods

Our KOBE brand range hoods are design by Tosho & Company, Ltd., our parent company in Japan. Tosho & Company, Ltd. has been in the business of selling quality products in Japan & globally for over 40 years. We have sold such diverse products as machinery parts, luxury automobiles, cleaning products for the maintenance industry, & gift merchandise. KOBE Range Hoods was established to provide top quality range hoods in the United States. Our goal is to design & develop range hoods that is not only functional but will look good as well at reasonable prices. We came up with a range hood that is functional, elegant & has a very unique feature.


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