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OMVIVO SOLID SURFACE™ A healthy and sustainable bathroom

When choosing finishes and products for a bathroom renovation, Omvivo Solid Surface™ is the ideal choice.  Unlike engineered stone, Omvivo Solid Surface™ materials are silica free!   Omvivo Solid Surface™ offers a cost effective, non-toxic, durable, hygienic and beautiful alternative for vanity benchtops as well as bathroom products.


Omvivo produce a superior range of solid surface basins and baths for both residential and commercial environments.  With a comprehensive collection, extensive manufacturing capabilities and the ability to custom design product for projects specific requirements, Omvivo is the supplier of choice for superior projects across Australia and internationally.

Omvivo Solid Surface™ does not contain silica, and the production processes of Omvivo Solid Surface™ materials do not expose workers or the environment to silicosis causing dust particles, unlike engineered stone.

Safe Work Australia explains the issues around working with materials containing silica; “When workers cut, crush, drill, polish, saw or grind products that contain silica, dust particles are generated that are small enough to lodge deep in the lungs and cause illness or disease including silicosis.”

There are calls to ban well-known brands of engineered stone in Australia, with the silica content being compared to problematic asbestos.  The Omvivo management team have always been advocates of a safe and healthy work place, and as a crucial part of this philosophy, ensure the material selection, production methods and the environment are thoroughly considered.

Omvivo Solid Surface™ is created from acrylic with natural minerals to create a material with unparalleled advantages and versatility. The contemporary aesthetic is appealing for architectural environments and is fast becoming the design staple for modern residential and commercial projects.

From a design perspective there are few limitations, and it allows for unique and seamless creation. Omvivo Solid Surface™ has a smooth matt finish which is complimentary to the unique, contemporary design aesthetic of the collection, offering a modern and attractive, architectural finish.

Omvivo’s quality Solid Surface is a homogeneous material throughout and is resistant to staining; stains will not penetrate the material and can be cleaned off the surface. Scratches and marks can be buffed out and, in many cases, deeper nicks and damage can be repaired

Advantages of Choosing Solid Surface

  • Silica free
  • Safe to work with
  • Non-porous and highly stain resistant
  • Renewable and repairable
  • Smooth matt finish
  • Anti-bacterial qualities
  • No sealing required
  • Seamless joins
  • Recyclable

Discover more about Omvivo Solid Surface™ and the collection or contact us for more information.


“Our aim is to produce a truly unique and luxurious bathroom product that proposes value in the form of superior quality, exceptional material selection and original design. We offer our discerning clientele a beautiful and innovative collection intended for both residential and commercial environments.”

Omvivo has been a pioneer in contemporary bathroom product design and manufacturing for over 25 years. A subsidiary of the Schiavello Group, Omvivo remains at the forefront of the Australian and international bathroom market.

Schiavello, a top 100 Australian private company built on quality, service excellence and innovation, has been creating and servicing world class work and living environments for over 50 years. Our clients are central to everything we do, through a culture of learning and entrepreneurship, we continuously challenge our thinking, and work collaboratively to drive innovation and deliver the best possible solutions that support their success and aspirations. Since 1966, Schiavello has worked with thousands of brands across a wide range of industries including office, hospitality, health, retail, residential and education.

Access to Schiavello’s superb manufacturing facility enables Omvivo to develop new and exciting products. It allows them to utilise a resource that is widely regarded to be the most diverse manufacturing facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Omvivo’s philosophy, flexibility and capacity to manufacture cutting edge products encourages them to continually broaden their scope of works and become more ambitious in their design. This also ensures Omvivo bring new and exciting products to market, consistent in quality and in a timely manner.

The Omvivo collection is displayed in the finest showrooms in Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. The showrooms selected to display the range represent the best in quality, reputation and service. They offer their design and retail clients an exciting and innovative environment in which to view the Omvivo collection. Omvivo work closely with these partners to ensure promoting and representing the range is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, with professional support and expertise available at all times.

The Omvivo collection incorporates pieces that challenge and inspire. The dedicated design team places the company in a unique position.

Products evolve from concept through to production and beyond, considering innovation, functionality and quality. Collaboration with external reputable designers to expand the collection and to create project specific pieces also adds to the diversity of the company.

Material selection, manufacturing procedures and life cycle analysis are mandatory considerations throughout the design process. These essential steps ensure Omvivo remain environmentally responsible when designing and producing for the collection.



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