Via Seating Solution Based Innovation

By Always listening, always thinking and imagining what that next great idea will be.  

Via Seating is a solution-based, active listening manufacturing company.   As a seating specialist Via has a creative spirit driven to innovate.   The company’s creative energy is highly focused on all categories of seating from the inside built environment to outside open spaces.    Via offers the broadest range of seating under one brand synonymous with quality, comfort and reliability.  Their online presentation creates the opportunity to wonder, to think differently and to have a sense of surprise at every click.   Every product shown there, has its own story and a reason for being that sets it apart in the market.    There is more than meets the eye with every piece, for example, Via’s first to market copper infused biocidal mesh collection.  This innovation was inspired by solving a problem for a client.   “This idea came about when a healthcare client visited our factory, they had a desire to have a mesh back solution for their caregivers.   Mesh was not possible due to infectious disease control.   That gave us the idea to invent Copper Infused Mesh for this market” said Nora Fenlon, certified ergonomist and evp Via Seating.   

In other categories you will feel or see something different.  Via’s lounge seating collection is interactive and offers low impact, subtle movement.   Why?  “Motion is proven to support wellness, stress relief and collaboration”, says Fenlon.   

Via seating is also in the outdoor seating category.    Their outdoor seating collection embodies beautiful Italian design combined with the structural integrity needed for extreme outdoor conditions.    “this category has been a huge success for us and given us meets the growing need to utilize outdoor work and learning spaces.   Health and Wellness are at Via’s core and this category delivers on this philosophy in a whole new way”, Chas Hepler President & CEO Via Seating.


One thing is for sure, each piece tells its own story and delivers an experience that encourages ongoing discussion and exploration.    Via believes they are one step away from the next great discovery born from listening to clients and responding with great solutions to meet the challenges of our time. 


Always listening, always thinking and imagining what that next great idea will be!

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Via Seating Copper Infused Mesh Collection
Via Seating Solution Based Innovation
Via Seating Copper Infused Mesh Collections - In Stock and Ready to Ship!

Via Seating has developed a unique copper infused mesh by partnering with Cupron, utilizing their copper-based proprietary and patented technology. The copper mesh works by physically embedding an EPA registered copper into the fibers of our Via Seating copper mesh.  The result is a self-sanitizing, copper-infused mesh that has strong biocidal, antifungal, and antiviral properties. There are additional anti-odor properties to the copper mesh as well. It is available in natural and black finishes for the following collections - ONDA, Genie, Run II, 4U, Reset, Vista II.    

All of these are in stock and ready to ship!

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  \\\"listening allows us to identify challenges our clients are experiencing, this fuels our solution based design process, which in turn leads to new innovations\\\", Chas Hepler, President & CEO, Via Seating.  

Located in Sparks, Nevada. Founded by Thomas Sorensen, is a leading manufacturer of exceptional office seating and is founded with one mission in mind: Every chair, Every option, Every fabric, Every leather. Ready for shipment within 48 hours of order ent


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