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VittEr Design® by Filippi 1971 debuts with POP

Iconic furniture collection designed by Basaglia + Rota Nodari

VittEr Design® brand by the company Filippi 1971, presents its first collection of POP furniture, designed by the architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari.

A line full of elements, such as tables, stools, coat hangers, bookcases, consoles, reception desks and benches, designed for residential, contract and work environments, and in particular capable of expressing all the potential of VittEr®, the new generation laminate beating heart of the brand and the collection.


VittEr®, a formaldehyde-free compact laminate, antibacterial and 100% Italian made, was in fact the starting point, the essential element to give shape to objects and arouse an experience, a new “language”.


The architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari thus accepted the stimulating challenge of shaping and giving value to the many performances of VittEr®, which composes the products entirely, designing the first collection of the brand.

The dialogue between material, aesthetics and functionality has therefore given life to POP, an iconic and contemporary collection, defined by plastic, sinuous shapes and a rhythmic design which is enhanced both in the ethereal total white version and in the colorful, energetic and vitaminic one, always underlining the particularity of VittEr® of being “all color”: each layer that composes VittEr®, from the core to the surface, is colored and customizable with several shades in thickness, a “full color” that thus goes beyond the usual laminate appearance to approach that of solid materials.


The Alfa coffee tables, the Beta stools, the Pancake system of bookcases, consoles, benches and reception desks, the Ringer and Pertus coat hangers are complements with a high creative rate, immediately recognizable, which open to different interpretations, styles and uses.


POP also looks at the future and expresses VittEr Design®'s desire to be sustainable by applying the concept of circular economy with low environmental impact: VittEr® is in fact completely recyclable, renewable and eco-sustainable (it is produced with cellulose-based paper FSC-certified and without the use of additional resins or glues).

VittEr Design - POP Collection - Pancake
VittEr Design® by Filippi 1971 debuts with POP
VittEr Design - POP Collection - Alfa & Beta
VittEr Design® by Filippi 1971 debuts with POP

VittEr Design

VittEr Design® is a brand founded in Berbenno, in the Bergamo valleys, in 2019 by Filippi 1971, a company with 50 years (1971-2021) of international experience in the furniture industry and in the supply of complete kits and customized design components for campers and caravans.

With this new brand, Filippi 1971 aims to enhance and highlight their exclusive material, VittEr®, in the world of design and furniture.

VittEr® is the result of intense research and development work that lasted several years and is always evolving. It represents the new generation of compact laminate which is formaldehyde-free and antibacterial, can boast a 100% Italian supply chain, is suitable for outdoor use and for contact with food, and has been developed with the aim of promoting eco-sustainable products with a lower environmental impact.


VittEr Design® is based in the historic building of Filippi 1971 recently renovated and enlarged by the architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari in order to accommodate both realities that work in close contact with each other and with the territory. This new pole was a design challenge that the architects successfully completed, defining contemporary architecture on a pre-existing industrial building. An extension that also symbolizes the VittEr Design® mission: looking to the future without losing sight of its own history.


The success of this first collaboration led the brand to entrust Basaglia + Rota Nodari with another crucial challenge: to design the first collection of VittEr Design® furnishings, with the goal of interpreting and enhancing the characteristics of the material designed to develop innovative, ecological and recyclable products.

The first collection of POP & Déco VittEr Design® products is dedicated to residential environments, hospitality structures, healthcare and community spaces.


Via N. Sauro, 2
Berbenno Lombardia
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