ARC Flush-Mount Sink for Kitchen and Bath


Mila International is excited to launch the ARC line of Flush-Mount sinks for the kitchen and bath that pushes the boundaries of what was previously thought impossible. 

Arc True Flush-Mount Sink
ARC Flush-Mount Sink for Kitchen and Bath

The ARC line is designed specifically for True Flush-Mount installation.  Flush-Mounting sinks eliminate the problems encountered with other mounting methods.  Flush-Mounted sinks eliminate the gap that harbors germs, mildew, and bacteria.  The countertop is protected from chipping and cracking.  Flush-Mounted sinks are also easy to clean because the sink sits flushed with the countertop.


The ARC design was inspired by the strength and fortitude of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.  It features a smooth 1/4 thick rounded rim motivated by the grand arch of the monument.  Constructed with 16 gauge (1.5mm) stainless steel that forms a stable foundation for this sink designed for true flush-mount installation and durability.  The Arc line is available in PVD Graphite, Gold, and Satin Brushed Stainless Steel.



Mila International sinks are produced with class-leading manufacturing equipment and patented, patent-pending technologies.  We are now the premier stainless steel sink manufacturer in the world.  All of our sinks are made from the highest quality, 16-gauge (1.5mm), 304 stainless steel.  We offer a wide-ranging line of sizes, colors, and depths that will fulfill all of your needs in the kitchen and bath environment.


Mila International Inc. is the pioneer in the stainless steel sink industry, creating the world’s first FLUSH-MOUNT stainless steel sinks in 2009. We now have a full suite of stainless steel kitchen and bath sinks with unmatched TRUE FLUSH-MOUNT installation utility and unsurpassed quality.

  The ARC line is designed specifically for True Flush-Mount installation.   
Flush-Mount Advantage
ARC Flush-Mount Sink for Kitchen and Bath
Patented Technology
ARC Flush-Mount Sink for Kitchen and Bath

At Mila we believe style, form and function are the pillars of great design, and it is with this belief we approach every product we create, with an innovative spirit, unbridled creativity and an obsession to detail. This results in simple, beautiful kitchen and bath products of the highest quality. Products that will redefine your kitchen and bath.


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