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Machine Washable Shade

Yumi Kim
Curtain Call: Green, sustainable and health conscious productsMachine Washable, Perfectly AlignedCustom Fabric Shades with US Patent Technology(us patent no. 7,523,777)Innovative PVC free environment friendly roller shades New York, NY – Perfectly aligned and machine washable custom Roman, Balloon, Sliding and Panel Shades may sound too good to be true. But with Curtain Call Shades the impossible becomes a reality with healthy, perfectly aligned, clean and fresh looking window shades all of the time along with International and US Patented(no. 7,523,777) innovative mechanism, which Curtain Call has exclusive license to sell and distribute with. Other fabric window shades require vacuum cleaning, which is not sufficient in removing dust, grime and dirt.A completely clean, healthy environment for the home, office or hotel is made possible by the easy-to-detach, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-wash Curtain Call Shades. Curtain Call shades can be used for longer periods of time than the conventional fabric shades, which results in greater cost efficiency. For residential, allergy sufferers are especially pleased that these shades are washable. Curtain Call shades offer the perfect solution for nurseries and children’s rooms, since the studies show that about 80% of children with asthma are allergic to indoor dust mites. Machine washing will kill dust mites and create a more allergen free atmosphere in the home, office or hotel room. For commercial applications, washable shades are perfect for the smoking rooms in order to get rid of the unpleasant odors and yellowing colors. Just like mothers who care the family health, now the hospitality marketplace is concerned with the health of their guests. Linda Henry, senior editor of Window Fashion Magazine, selected Curtain Call shades as the editor’s pick, stating: “Curtain Call products are very appealing and people will want to know that they are available.” Due to its US patented innovative mechanism, the uniquely designed Curtain Call shades guarantee the perfect alignment each and every time the shade is raised or lowered. The innovative rods are distributed exclusively by Curtain Call, Inc. Curtain Call shades innovative mechanism will be available nationwide. Curtain Call introduces innovative washable roller shades materials as well as PVC free uncoated roller shades materials, which are health conscious products. For further information, contact Yumi Kim by or 646-505-0730 or visit Curtain Call website at www.curtain-call.bizNOTE: Product photography is available upon request.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call is based in Manhattan New York, doing residential and commercial projects mainly in Tri-State area. With US patented innovative products, Curtain Call is looking for wholesale business to distribute this system to all over the states.


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