LED Exterior Lighting
ShellShock Desings Mother of Pearl
Cape Contract Furniture Inc.
AT Climatisation
Calvin Fabrics Platinum Award Winning Raindance
Bruck Gallery - ADEX Silver Award Winner
Build a Lasting Relationship
Platinum Award
Reflections on a Musical Experience
Original hand-woven tapestry by Ulrika Leander Each panel 72ins high x 66ins. wide Woven with 100% highest quality wool yarn


Price depends upon the complexity of the design and overall dimensions For further information contact Contemporary Tapestry Weaving Phone; 410 745 4303 Fax; 410 745 4304 e-mail; tapestry @ goeaston.net
Contemporary Tapestry Weaving
Company: Contemporary Tapestry Weaving
Address: 5592 Poplar Ln
City: Royal Oak
State: MD
Zip: 21662
Country: United States
Phone: (410) 745-4303
Fax: (410) 745-4304
Website: http://www.ctw-tapestry.com
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