Maroon Bells
Dimensions: 18''H x 21''W x 1.5''D
Artisan Crafted Home is a growing family of online resources for the designer, architect, builder and discerning homeowner. Our focus is handcrafted functional & architectural works of art for both residential and commercial projects. The Functional Art Gallery family includes Glass Artists Gallery, Sinks Gallery, Art Lighting Gallery and Wood Artists Gallery.

Together these resources provide the largest collection of artisan and designer products available in North America. We do not deal in Òproduction productsÓ Ð we leave that to retail stores and showrooms. If your goal is to find something unique and beautiful, or to have something custom made for you by true artisans, you have found the right company. Attentive service and customer satisfaction are key to the continuing success of Functional Art Gallery. We employ a team of professionals educated in design who genuinely understand the buyers' needs.

Our 6-point customer satisfaction program includes:

Specifications: We will assign you a representative who becomes familiar with your project, your desired outcome and your budget, and recommend one or more artisans/manufacturers and specific works based on their assessment of these criteria.

Pricing: A proposal will be provided for custom products that details the work and provides you, as a trade member, a net discount.

Status Reports: You will receive regular updates as to the status of your project via email, or, if you prefer, a personal phone call.

Quality Control: Once your project is completed, a professional artisan will inspect your commissioned piece for flaws and compare it against the original specifications to ensure its accuracy.

Delivery: Your project will be shipped in a carefully, appropriately packed box to ensure that it is flawless when you receive it.

Confirmation: Once your lighting is received, your representative will contact you to ensure that it meets your expectations and answer any questions you may have about the care and installation of your purchase.

Call us today to discuss your project: 877-320-0800. Visit us on-line at
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City: Langley
State: WA
Zip: 98260
Country: United States
Phone: (877) 320-0800
Fax: (360) 321-2585
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