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Two Rooties and a Hen
Dimensions: 26''H x 52''L x 4''Thick
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Rock Sculpture Stand
Dimensions: 43.5 H x 24 W x 26 D
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Copper Fish series glass ...
Dimensions: 7''L x 2''W x 4''H (small) 11'' L x 3'' W x 5'' H (medium) 13.5''L x 4''W x 9''H (large)
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Coral Sculpture
Dimensions: 14''W x 14''H x 5''D
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Zig Zag Sculpture
Dimensions: 26''H x 14''W x 2''D
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Garden Art Fountain Scul ...
Dimensions: Approx. 8'H x 4'W
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Glass Wave Sculpture
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Summer Blossom Sculpture ...
Dimensions: 25''High x 20''Diameter
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Crepuscular Sculpture
Dimensions: 20''High x 16''Diameter
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Patio Platter Sculpture
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Piano Glass Platter Scul ...
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LW Wall Sculpture
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