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On the Edge
Dimensions: 18 W x 26 H x 4  thick
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Dog Sculpture
Dimensions: 18''H x 6''W x 14.5''D
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Mourning Doves Sculpture ...
Dimensions: Mother: 12 L x 7 W x 7 H Nest with two juveniles: 14 L x 11 W x 3.5 H Third juvenile: 8 L x 7  ...
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Iris Sculptures
Dimensions: Vary
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Comfort Places of the Mi ...
Dimensions: 36''W x 20''D x 84''H
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Minnesota Dinner
Dimensions: 14.5''W x 21.5''H x 4'' deep
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English Elm Burl Wall Sc ...
Dimensions: 24  x 20 
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Maple & Purpleheart Wall ...
Dimensions: 18.5 H x 13 W x 4.5 D
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Maple Wall Sculpture
Dimensions: 19 H x 23 W x 3 D
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Oak & Walnut Wall Sculpt ...
Dimensions: 15.5 H x 20 W x 3 D
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Sycamore & Olive Wall Sc ...
Dimensions: 16 H x 11 W x 2.5 D
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Current Seekers
Dimensions: 12''W x 18''H x 3.5''Thick
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